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Traffic Management Methodology

How does SuperSealing go about delivering a quality traffic management service?

By taking a well planned, structured and professional approach to Traffic management installations that place the highest importance on the welfare of our employees, site workers and the public whilst maximising client satisfactions and minimising traffic disruption.

SuperSealing's approach:

  • The Scope

  • Planning & Approvals

  • Resource Allocation

  • On Site

  • Ongoing works


The Scope
Fundamental to providing an effective service is understanding the proposed works, locations and proposed timelines of work.  Through our experience in a wide range of jobs along with client and site meetings we ensure that issues and project parameters are understood, so that all required planning and resources can be successfully and effectively executed


Planning & Approvals
Designing TMP’s
We understand that developing a TMP in a timely manner is important for works to proceed on schedule.  It is equally important for the TMP to be accurate with all risks identified and controlled.  Appropriate signage, plant, and methods of minimising impacts on traffic flows should also be identified.  By submitting an accurate and detailed application authorising bodies such as VicRoads will have a clearer understanding of the proposed works.  This allows them to grant approval with minimal delays.
The information contained in the detailed TMP assists the traffic controllers on site to accurately setup and maintain a safe working environment.


Resource Allocation
Management Structure & Systems
SuperSealing’s fully Integrated Management System encompasses all management structures, procedures and operations resulting in all works being carried out effectively and on time. Managers and coordinators are able to multitask and deliver successful outcomes for Clients.
SuperSealing has specialised plant that can carry out any size job. We have extensive experience on a range of jobs for small and large contractors. Our vehicles have the signage to setup complex lane closures to full road closures.


On Site

Safe work sites are achieved by:

  • Utilising the skills and knowledge of fully trained and competent traffic controllers

  • Using vehicles fully equipped with approved traffic management signage and equipment

  • Having fully maintained vehicles with hazard warning beacons and arrow boards installed

  • Having all Traffic Controllers appropriately attired in a SuperSealing/VicRoads approved Hi-Vis reflective vests, work boots and reflective banded work pants

  • Ongoing monitoring throughout the day to ensure site safety is not compromised

  • Using detailed daily checklists and having a comprehensive SWMS at all times

SuperSealing Traffic Controllers participate in ongoing training (internally and externally) to ensure they have all the up to date knowledge and skills necessary to provide a professional service. SuperSealing has developed a number of training modules that cover all areas of traffic management. This in-house training covers topics that range from setting up signage and tapers on our training ground to classroom theory sessions on signage distances and professional conduct. This helps our controllers understand the practical ways to setup a safe site and how to best mitigate risk in different scenarios. Regular toolbox meetings are conducted to reinforce what has been learned.

Tailored training
Training also includes learning about the type of works that our Clients perform so they can be informed on what work will be taking place and what plant may be operating on site. This knowledge also means that our controllers can help out on site where appropriate. Whether it's picking up a broom or a shovel, our controllers will pitch in to help out wherever possible.

To provide a safe environment for pedestrians and motorists, out of working hours, after care signage and protection devices are left in place. A signed off review of the site is carried out as standard procedure at the end of each day.


Ongoing Works
Like anything, personal relationships are paramount to an efficient and effective service. Whether it is dealing with our managers or our onsite crews we are always focused on making all dealings easy and with a minimum of fuss. We value our Clients and believe that long term relationships deliver the best results.

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